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V-SEssions – SAT 5TH DECEMBER 2020

Brit-pop space rock!

Skewwhiff are post-punk, slightly-ska, mostly-indie with a slice of Brit-Pop.   Solid bass and drums provide the bedrock that is enhanced by a strata of insistent guitar.  Their raw and vibrant sound is tempered by the lightest of touch that is singer Hannah.  She illuminates to the darkness, creating a multi-textural whole that makes you want to tap your feet.

Skewwhiff gig constantly (or did before the pandemic) and are regulars at festivals around the country.  Their first LP release, Nice Little Upper, was released to critical acclaim in 2014.  The long-awaited follow up, Cancelled Rearranged came out in 2019.  Don’t miss their V-Session!



Sammy the Hat

Bass guitar




Watch Get Down Colossus From Sat 26th September 2020

Lewis and Jamie

Get Down Colossus – Sat 26th September 2020

Get Down Colossus are a powerful three piece covers band.  With Lewis Boulton on guitar and vocals, Jamie Raynor on bass and vocals and Chris Preston on drums. The trio deliver a high-energy, engaging and creative set list drawing from hits old and new, injected with a MASSIVE sound leaving the audience thrilled and wanting more.
With an ever expanding repertoire including the likes of Bruno Mars, Prince, Daft Punk, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder and Red Hot Chilli Peppers the Get Down Colossus boys alway fill the dance floor!  

Anna, Mark and Garry were joined by a plethora of guest musicians and the band moved in a new musical direction, both folky and bluesy. The third EP, One Fine Day, was released in the Summer of 2014. 

The first full album came in 2015. Book of Life features a baker’s dozen of eclectic ensemble pieces that range from the winsome title track to the magnificent Light Above the Sea. The latter features Martin Furey of the High Kings on backing vocals and flute.

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