whats it all about?


The Funky Bunker V-Sessions are a way for artists to perform live gigs in the new normal.  With coronavirus, the lockdown and social distancing, it’s become near impossible to perform live to crowds in the way we are used to.  The V-Sessions give musical performers the opportunity to play live to a remote audience from anywhere in the world.  It’s live music in the new normal.

the best sound. 
the best vision

not just a social media live stream

Advances in technology and live-streaming have made high quality, low cost broadcasting a reality.  Let’s make the most of it.

  • Fully mixed audio – The V-Sessions are broadcast from our studio, the Funky Bunker, where we can mix the performer’s sound to perfection.  Lots of microphones, multi-channel.
  • Video Production – High quality, full HD, multi-camera vision mixed video streams.  Just like on tv.
  • Live music – We want to bring you the best bands and performers around.  Performing live, just like a gig.

For the fans

GIGS are nothing without the audience

No musician wants to perform to an empty room.  That’s why we need you, the fans, the viewers, the audience.

  • Variety – We will be featuring bands and performers of all genres.  From folk to rock, jazz to country, hip-hop to grunge.  Something for everyone.
  • Not just a live stream – Our monthly (to start with) V-Sessions will be available as viewable streams on our YouTube Channel for ever.  So if you miss the live performance, just catch it later. 
  • Support the V-Sessions – We really need your support.  Whether by viewing our V-Sessions, sharing and liking our broadcasts or by leaving a note or two in our tip-jar.  Your help makes all this happen.



“It’s live music in the new normal”